WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Ultimate flavor guide for top UNO picks

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UNO is known for its large variety of incredible flavors in disposable vapes. From the mainstream Cool Mint to the unique Blue Razz Slushie and Tiger’s Blood, UNO’s flavor profile is mind boggling. Although having so many flavor options to choose from can be exciting, it is often confusing and overwhelming. The team at UNO wants users to make the most of the flavor variety, and enjoy each puff as much as the last. It is difficult to pick the best UNO flavors because it all has to do with personal preference. However, after careful consideration, and a lot of feedback, we have picked out three of our top flavor choices, and explained why they are absolutely incredible in this article!

Blue Razz Slushie

Tongues will not stop tingling after a few hits of this flavor! Made with an incredible combination of blueberry and raspberry, this flavor is the definition of a mouthwatering drink. Just a single hit of it will bring back the most wonderful childhood memories of tongues changing colors and turning blue with the best slushy machine in the neighborhood. Well of course, our disposable vapes will do no such color changing, but you get what we mean! This electric blend gives a boost of energy with its bold, delicious flavoring. Take a hit on a hot day and beat the heat with the real taste of a heavenly slushy featuring blueberry and raspberry.

Due to popular demand, Blue Razz Slushie is available in all UNO disposable devices! Users can get a burst of blueberry and raspberry with UNO MAS (1200 puffs), UNO 4K (4000 puffs), UNO MAGNUM (6000 puffs), and the two latest additions to the UNO family: UNO ECLIPSE (2500 puffs) and UNO CHARGE (5000 puffs).

Kiwi Dragon Berry

The next hit on UNO’s list is Kiwi Dragon Berry. UNO disposable vapes with this flavor are made with a blend of fresh kiwis, juice-filled dragon fruits, and ripe blueberries. This fantastic trio makes for a vape juice that is too good to be true, especially for fruit lovers. Each puff gives a burst of flavor that will leave users craving more. This luscious concoction is perceived by many to be the king of all disposable vape flavors- and for solid reasons.

UNO is all about innovation. That is why it recently introduced this terrific flavor in its newest products: UNO ECLIPSE and UNO CHARGE. Those looking for a memorable vaping experience must definitely try out Kiwi Dragon Berry for phenomenal drags, and an even better after taste.

Strawberry Yogurt

Those who say that disposable vapes don’t have realistic flavors clearly have not tried UNO’s Strawberry Yogurt! This exquisite flavor is a best-seller at UNO, with users being unable to resist a smooth, creamy treat. What better way to fulfill sweet cravings than the combination of luscious strawberries and rich yogurt. The best part? Users can take as many hits without having to worry about calories or diabetes!

With Strawberry Yogurt, users experience a delicate creaminess that enhances each inhale and exhale. UNO knows what a hit this flavor is- so users can experience it in every UNO device. Those looking for disposable vape devices with fewer puffs can invest in UNO MAS or UNO ECLIPSE, and for the big puffers we suggest our Strawberry Yogurt in UNO 4K, UNO CHARGE, or UNO MAGNUM. Just keep in mind, the more the merrier!

So, there you have it- the top 3 UNO picks. Each flavor is sure to feel better than the last, and never get boring. Don’t worry if your favorite UNO flavor didn’t make it to this list. Every UNO flavor has something special and amazing about it, and these are the flavors we urge first time users to try to really get a feel of the terrific flavors provided by UNO.

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